Canines and Cancer Detection – What’s the connection?

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 Studies have suggested that dogs may be able to detect several types of cancers like – lung cancer, breast cancer, melanoma, prostate cancer and colorectal cancer. In 2016, actress Shannen Doherty in her interview with Entertainment Tonight mentioned that her pet dog identified her breast cancer before doctors could diagnose it. 

Pets can actually make you feel better

          Whether it can be the wagging tail of your adorable shaggy pup, or a meow from your great tabby cat, whatever your pets be, they can make you feel good. They can boost our positive emotions which in turn result in better mental health and that is why best house cleaning service dubai endorses bringing in a pet to home. There is a saying “Happiness starts with a wet nose and ends with a tail” and that is exactly what they do, they make you happy, relaxed, kind, joyful, compassionate and lovable.

           Your pets have got the superpower to heal you. Dr Marty Becker, veterinary contributor to Good Morning America,  co-author of the bestseller Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover’s Soul, in his book  ‘The Healing Power of Pets ‘ affirms some exhilarating emotional stories and miracles in the medical field about the healing power of pets. 

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Read this before you choose your pet

          Top pet care services Dubai suggests to consider a lot of factors before you get a pet to home. Make sure that you are choosing the right one for you and your family. Your pet’s life-span, food, routines and exercise, size, vet needs etc should be taken into consideration before finding your ideal pet.

Are you ready to take this commitment? 

          First and foremost thing is asking yourself whether you have enough time to spend with your new family member. Owning a pet requires attention, responsibility,  commitment, time, care and some money. Not everyone can be a pet person. 

Zoonotic diseases – What are they?

          Zoonotic diseases which spread between animals and people caused by harmful bacteria, virus, or fungi, are another major concern. Anyone can get sick from these zoonotic diseases, but pregnant women, children under 5, adults above 65 and people with weakened immunity and allergies need to be more cautious.

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